Study Abroad in Oxford England in July!

College students, here is an opportunity of a lifetime! You can earn 9 Arts and Sciences credits while living in and exploring Oxford, England this summer. Study takes place at historical sites all around Oxford and London, and multiple excursions are included (such as Stratford-upon-Avon and the Royal Shakespeare Theater). To register and learn more go to the Registration Page. Registration deadline is May 15 and a $300 deposit is due by June 1.


Mark Main Pic Camp Brochure[In case you don’t know me, my name is Dr. Mark Farnham and I am the Coordinator for Pastoral and Pre-Seminary Majors at Lancaster Bible College, in Lancaster, PA. I have been teaching at the college and seminary level for 15 years, and previously was the pastor of Montauk Avenue Baptist Church in New London, CT. My PhD work at Westminster Theological Seminary was in Apologetics, and I teach classes in theology, church history, and apologetics at Lancaster Bible College.]

Course options include Religious History of England and British Philosophers and Philosophy (an Apologetics course with a focus on C. S. Lewis), along with a host of other options, including:

  • Book-Making: The Book As An Art Form
  • Creative Writing (taught by the Creative Writing Director at Oxford)
  • World Affairs (with an Oxford professor)
  • Independent Study (with an Oxford professor)
  • Britain and the European Union
  • British Politics and U.S.-British Relations
  • Exploring the Culture of Oxford and England

Credits are earned through Maryville University in Missouri and are accepted as transfer credits in Arts and Sciences by any accredited college. Students are free to take whichever classes they desire from the list.

buckingham-palaceThe cost is only slightly more than you would pay at your college ($6,300), plus airfare. Students will live in the dorms at Oxford University and will be given a stipend for food and excursions. Several hundred other students from America and around the world will also be at Oxford at the same time, allowing for many opportunities for interaction.

eagle-and-childStudents should plan to land at Heathrow Airport in London before 12:00 noon on Monday, July 4 and should plan to depart Heathrow for the U.S. after 8:00am on Tuesday, July 25. Travel arrangements should be made individually, and right now $900 or varying amounts of airline miles can get you a round-trip flight from Philadelphia to Heathrow. Once in Heathrow, students will take the bus directly to Oxford where I will meet them and assign them a room.

british-museumStudents should be prepared to do 30-40 hours of reading and study prior to the trip and approximately 15-20 hours once we return to the U.S. Students have until August 25 to complete all work to receive the credits. Students should plan to bring a Moleskine-type notebook to record notes during our time in Oxford. This notebook will be submitted at the end of the trip as part of course requirements.

london-eye-informationParents, I will be present in Oxford for the duration of the trip and will accompany students on excursions, but I am not able to watch them at all times, so a certain level of maturity is required for this trip. Students who engage in disruptive or mischievous behavior will be sent home at their own expense.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at or call my cell at 215-206-7249. Hope to see you there!


4 thoughts on “Study Abroad in Oxford England in July!

  1. Hey, I’m not sure where to contact you, but, yeah… you were at my youth group’s bible study this past Wednesday, and showed interest in my website. not sure how to reach you though.

      1. Yeah, just don’t expect anything awesome or anything… I’m not very good if you ask me.
        I’ve already put some of your stuff to practice actually, it’s actually already helped me to reach some people… though I need to wait an entire day for the one person, they’re somewhere sleeping halfway around the world right now 🙂

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